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Gap year request (2019/2020)


Why take a gap year?

Students opt to take a gap year to briefly interrupt their studies, improve their language skills, complete a humanitarian project, or take a course in a new field to gain new skills.

Who can take a gap year?

All students in an IT-math degree program are eligible.

Where does the gap year take place?

Students can remain in France or travel abroad to a company, laboratory, charity, or another university.

How long does the gap year last?

The gap year must start at the same time as the university semester. It must be on the semester schedule and cannot last for more than a year-long term.

How can I get approval?

To get approval for a gap year, you must submit an application.

  1. Download the form.
  2. Schedule a meeting with the head of your current department to talk with him or her about your project.
  3. Schedule a meeting with the head of the program you’ll be joining to talk with him or her about your project.
  4. Submit your application along with three letters about your project to the Education Manager (5th floor of the CUSP).
  • First wave: before May 15, 2019
  • Second wave: before June 15, 2019
  • Third wave: before September 10, 2019
  1. Your request will then be sent to the president of the school.
  2. The Education Department will tell you whether or not you’ve been approved.
  3. Gap year registration

Ask for a gap year.