Paris Descartes’ University to Business Service works closely with degree programs and university departments to offer you a gateway into the university. The goal of Paris Descartes University is to create long-standing partnerships with businesses founded on reciprocity and mutual respect. To further strengthen its partnerships, Paris Descartes focuses on meeting the needs of businesses, especially with respect to recruitment (interns, trainees, and young graduates).

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Education tax:

The education tax is an essential resource that helps support the university by funding the purchase of:

  • Equipment (video projectors, etc.)
  • High-performance computer rooms
  • Equipment for IT projects conducted by second- and third-year bachelor’s students (see website for examples of projects).


We guarantee that all funding we receive from the educational tax:

  • is used solely for academic purposes
  • supports a real partnership based on our desire to provide high-quality education and facilitate a seamless transition to the professional world for our young graduates
  • goes towards a high-performance IT equipment that is reserved for students and plays a key role in helping them master new technologies


Education Tax.