Bachelor’s in Information Technology

The Information Technology and Mathematics Training and Research Unit offers degree programs in mathematics and IT technology that can be applied to other scientific disciplines. The college offers two bachelor’s degree programs: a Bachelor in Information Technology and a Bachelor in Mathematics.

The Bachelor in Information Technology program includes two tracks, while the Bachelor in Mathematics program offers three. These tracks are based on real-world career applications and continuing education opportunities.

The Bachelor in Information Technology degree program offers students a solid education in information technology, including programming, computer architecture, and communications systems, as well as a good foundation in mathematics.

Both degree programs offer the same classes throughout the initial orientation year. As a result, students do not have to decide between an IT degree and a mathematics degree as soon as they graduate high school.

At the start of their second year, students choose to specialize in one track or another. The program becomes gradually more specialized throughout the year.

The third year is entirely specialized and offers students the choice between several tracks.

Throughout the three-year bachelor’s degree program, students can also take electives to improve their skills in other disciplines, including physics, economics, biology, and human sciences.

English is included in the curriculum in the last two years of the program, and students are required to obtain a language certification (CLUE, TOEIC).


During the third year of the MIAGE (information technology applied to business management) track within the Bachelor of Information Technology program, students can also opt for a work/study arrangement.
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Start of the academic term:

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Students must register online two days after receiving or renewing their student IDs at the latest.

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