The keys to a successful academic career

Attending Université Paris Cité means getting a high-quality education. It also means having access to a number of services designed to help you succeed. We have created several systems to ensure your time with us is successful:

  • A two-week orientation programme specifically designed for first-year university students.
  • Student tutors enrolled in a master’s programme or the third year of a bachelor’s programme are available for tutoring Monday through Friday at the end of the day, Saturdays, and during holidays.
  • Computer rooms are open on Saturday and during holidays from September to May.
  • Online classes are available via an online teaching platform.
  • Video recordings of classes can be viewed at the university’s media library.
  • Each student is assigned a supervising teacher who helps ensure their academic career is successful by listening and providing advice.
  • Some students are interested in taking competitive entrance exams for prestigious universities. We support them by helping them study for the exams starting in their second year.

Student orientation

Orientation is designed for students who are starting their first year of their bachelor degree for the first time. The goal is to help ease students through a natural transition from high school to university and to help instill confidence in these new students. During orientation, students receive a tour of the university and its different departments (head office, Joint Orientation Department, libraries, Social Department, Athletic Department, etc.). Methodology workshops help students get ready for the start of the semester and quickly establish good study habits. A large portion of the two-week orientation is dedicated to reviewing math skills and preparing for university math classes. The teaching is done in small groups and, along with meetings with former students and associations, helps students acclimate to university life.

Student tutors

Students enrolled in a bachelor programme have access to daily tutoring sessions. Tutors can help answer questions after a lecture, resolve a tough exercise, and provide additional instruction on a topic after class.

Supervising teachers

What is a supervising teacher?
Supervising teachers are professors who provide students with assistance and advice.

What is the role of a supervising teacher?
The supervising teacher inquires after the student’s personal, family, and professional situation and gives him or her advice about how to plan and work better. The professor helps the student choose a specialty, plan out a career path, and reviews his or her class schedule every semester.

How do I know who my supervising teacher is?
You will be assigned a supervising teacher at the start of the term.

When should I see my supervising teacher?
There are three scheduled meetings throughout the year, but students can contact their supervising teachers whenever they have a problem that affects their studies.

How do I contact my supervising teacher?
Students can contact their supervising teachers via email.
The email address of all professors is


Studying for entry exams for prestigious universities

We help interested students prepare for competitive exams for entry into prestigious universities.
Every year, several of our bachelor’s students are admitted into top engineering schools.
In the past few years, we have had students who were admitted to the following schools:

We wish them every success in their new ventures and hope they will speak to the excellence of the TRU’s bachelor programme !