Master in MIAGE (information technology applied to business management)

Protecting and creating value from company data

In central Paris, a scientific, multidisciplinary university offers a degree program that is part of the MIAGE network, high-quality instruction, and world-class excellence.

The MIAGE master’s program is aimed at the professional world and is part of the MIAGE network in France. It teaches students both management and information technology skills alike.

Benefits and highlight

Two types of degrees are offered :

  • Internship training ;
  • Initial and continuous training.

The Internship Training Center and the Association for IT Tech Internships helps us offer internship training by looking for companies that are willing to host our students and monitoring interns as they work towards their goals. The employment rate is 100%.

Our university’s Joint Continuous Training Department is in charge of organizing, coordinating, and managing work-study contracts and prior learning and workplace experience accreditation.

The program features lectures from research professors who are specialized in information technology and work at the Paris Descartes IT Laboratory (LIPADE) as well as others who are specialized in management and work at the Health Economy Inter-Disciplinary Applied Research Laboratory (LIRAES), not to mention a number of external professional experts.

Class schedule

The class schedule is split between the university and the student’s internship every 2-3 days.

First- and second-year programs

Career and continuing education opportunities

Because the MIAGE Master’s program trains students in both management and information technology, graduates will have the following skills:

  • Advanced knowledge of the specification and development methods, tools, and standards
  • Ability to manage and lead projects as well as to manage risks and change
  • Expertise in the design, modeling, and architecture of web applications
  • Understanding of positions within a company
  • Knowledge of solutions related to networks and security
  • Design of decisional information systems
  • Data mining in CRM systems
  • Proficiency in business English and managerial communications

Admissions requirements and process

Applicants must be graduates of a three-year MIAGE program, an IT-focused bachelor program, or have an equivalent degree.

Students are accepted to the first year of the master’s program on the basis of their application and then a secondary panel interview of admissible candidates. Admission to the second year of the program is possible but infrequent.

Term start date: mid-September.



The application is available here.


Director of the MIAGE Master’s Programme : Salima Benbernou & Mourad Ouziri
SCFC Contrats professionnels & VAE
Ingrid Plaitano
01 76 53 46 42