Computer Vision and Intelligent Machines track

This program is linked to the Master in Information Processing and the Complexities of Living Organisms offered at ENIT (Tunis).


  • Train professionals to master indexing and automatic processing procedures aimed at digital content.
  • Provide students with excellent imaging skills and in-depth knowledge of theoretical and practical mechanisms.
  • Acquire the fundamental skills of image analysis and knowledge engineering by incorporating indexing processes that can be used to manage multi-media content and ERP (enterprise resource planning).
  • The concepts of economic intelligence and strategic surveillance with respect to defending a company’s interests will also be underscored to raise awareness about the importance of protecting knowledge capital.

 One of the goals of this track is to prepare certain students to write a thesis related to a topic studied in the LIPADE Laboratory and to offer all students career opportunities in a variety of fields.

After completing the program, students can work as engineers/designers, project managers, and R&D engineers.
Relevant fields include electronic editing, audiovisual technology, multimedia information system management, multimedia protocol verification and design, and biometrics, among others.
The health sector, in which imaging and sensors of all kinds are developing rapidly, offers additional opportunities.
Mobile telephone and online use has created new fields where this type of expertise can be applied as well.
The large number of calls for bids from ANR (French National Research Agency) in this field testifies to the dynamism of these sectors.

Application process

You can find everything you need to know on the application webpage.

Education Director