Mathematics/Health Sciences


Earn two bachelor’s degrees that prepare students for a master’s in one of the two fields or a master’s that is related to both fields.

This program offers extensive theoretical and practical training that allows students to earn two bachelor’s degrees. As one example, students could use the skills they gain from this program to start a career as a database management technician (omics, human behavioral studies, molecular modeling, etc.).


General curriculum:
  • On-site lectures and small-group practical work for the Bachelor’s in Mathematics
  • Online lectures for the Health Sciences degree
  • On-site small-group work and practical exercises (Friday afternoon and Saturday morning)
Related master’s programs:

Master’s programs related to both fields:

  • Master in Mathematics and Applications
  • Master in Biomedical Engineering

Master’s programs related to either field:

  • Science, technology, health (focus on biology, chemistry, and mathematics)
  • Mathematics
Application process:

You must register through PARCOURSUP before March 13, 2018 for both bachelor programs (Health Sciences and Law, Economics/Management, or Mathematics or Psychology. After March 31, 2018, you must submit a special application to the Prior admission to the Fundamental and Biomedical Sciences College” website containing the following:

  • A cover letter explaining your interest in the program and the topics covered as well as a case for your ability to manage the large amount of work this program entails.
  • Your grade transcripts from your junior year of high school (“Science” track) and the results of your year-end exams.
  • Your grade transcripts from the first two quarters of your senior high school year if you have not yet taken your year-end exam (Bac) and all your grade transcripts and the results of your Bac if you have already graduated.
  • Your grade transcripts from the PACES test if you did not take it at Paris Descartes and your transcripts from your preparatory year for entry into a prestigious university, if applicable.

If your application is complete, you will receive a response via email after May 22, 2018.




Health Sciences

Two specialities: biology or chemistry

Education Director: Karine Le Barch and Mehmaz JAFARIAN


Two tracks during the third year of the Mathematics program (Mathematics, Applications, and Teaching or Statistical Techniques)

Education Director: Georges Koepfler