Information Technology/Law

The ties between law and information technology are rooted in our history, but recent developments have made them even more important. Whether in terms of the applications of IT in a legal context or the legal oversight of IT and communication technologies, the value of dual expertise in law and information technologies becomes clearer every day. The goal of this new dual-degree Bachelor in Law and Information Technology track is to offer select students training in both of these fields.


During the three-year bachelor program, students will study the fundamental ideas behind both disciplines, including contract law, administrative law, fundamental freedom law, mathematics and calculus, algorithmics, programming, and more, in order to take full advantage of a dual skill set that will lead to a variety of opportunities in a world in which law and information technology are increasingly intertwined.

Career and continuing education opportunities:

At the end of this three-year training program, students will graduate with a bachelor in each field.

They can continue their studies by specializing in a particular field; for example, students can study digital law through one of the master’s programs offered at Paris Descartes University.

Graduates can use their skills in a variety of areas, including compliance, IT engineering, artificial intelligence, and legal-tech, which combines both IT and legal services. Students with this training will help develop new, promising, and high value-added activities.


Requirements for the Bachelor in Law:

– Excellent writing and speaking skills
– Ability to understand, analyze, and summarize a text
– Advanced logical and conceptual reasoning skills
– Ability to operate independently and organize your own work
– Language skills and an openness to the outside world
– Interest in historical, societal, and political issues

Requirements for the Bachelor in Information Technology:

– Scientific skills
– Communication skills
– Methodological and behavioral skills
– Excellent mastery of the math skills tested at the end of the student’s senior year in high school is recommended
– Advanced mastery of the skills tested in another field, scientific or not, at the end of the student’s senior year in high school is also recommended


Application process:

To register for the first year of the dual-degree Law and Information Technology program, applicants must sign up on PARCOURSUP for one of the two degrees. They must also submit an application to the following link after March 31, 2018: ou (Students must submit an application even if they are not a part of the PARCOURSUP process).

Please provide the following documents:

– A cover letter
– Your grade transcripts from your junior year of high school (“Science” track) and the results from your year-end exam
– Your grade transcripts from your senior year of high school (“Science” track) and your year-end exam (or BAC) if you already have them
– Your grade transcripts from your preparatory year for entry into a prestigious university, if applicable
– Your grade from the PACES test (entry exam for medical studies), if applicable

If your application is complete, you will receive a response after May 22, 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: An application will only be considered once all required documents have been submitted. Any application that is not complete will not be eligible for review.

Students who do not pass the PACES exam at Paris Descartes and who would like to start their first year of the dual-degree program are also welcome to apply via the links listed above. Any students who would prefer a single-degree program are asked to specify their preference in their cover letter. 

IT Education Director:


Law Education Director