Applying for a bachelor’s program

How to apply for the first year of your bachelor’s degree:

  • Parcoursup process: for applicants who are completing their final year of high school this year (Parcoursup) or applicants with a French baccalauréat with a specialization in science or another degree that our Academic Commission has found to be equivalent. PLEASE NOTE: PARCOURSUP is open until March 14, 2019.

    If you would like more information about the Parcoursup process, click here.

    STUDY IN FRANCE process: For international applicants outside of the EEA from one of the 34 countries that adhere to the CEF procedure.

Before February 1, 2019 for students applying for the first year of a bachelor program;

Before March 20, 2019 for students applying for the second or third year of a bachelor program or for the first or second year of a master’s program.

You can also get more information about this process from the French embassy in your country.



Prerequisites for applying for the second year of a bachelor degree

To apply for the second year of a program, students must have successfully completed the first year of a Bachelor in Mathematics or Information Technology or be at an equivalent level.

Students from the first year of a medical studies program who would like to switch to mathematics or information technology can apply for the second year of the bachelor program. Students who did not pass their medical school entry exams can finish a Bachelor in Information Technology, Mathematics, and Applications in two years if their proficiency in math is high enough.


Prerequisites for applying for the third year of a bachelor degree

If you have a scientific degree with two years of university-level education (the former Scientific “DEUG” degree in France, two years of a bachelor program from another university, or a high-level DUT (French technology degree) or BTS (French advanced technician’s certificate), you can enter the third year of the Bachelor of Information Technology and Mathematics program at Paris Descartes University with the approval of our education commission.


When to apply for the second and third year of the program

For the second and third years of the Bachelor of Mathematics and Information Technology: from May 13th, 2019 to June 17th, 2019


Students from preparatory schools for entry into prestigious universities

Your high school must have an agreement with Paris Descartes University for you to be able to register. If this is the case, you are authorized to enroll, and your high school will give you the information you need.

You can contact the education department for additional information.